Audience Info

Everything you need to know to enjoy Wakefield Live.

What is Wakefield Live?

In a nutshell, lots of events happening across Wakefield City Centre on the same day. Music, comedy, exhibitions, workshops. Explore the website, app or timetable to find out more.

Is it free?

Yes! Everything is completely free to attend. 

Do I need a ticket?

No, just turn up. Of course, some events might fill up, but that’s the nature of the event. If there’s something you really want to see, get down early. 

Is it family friendly?

Most of it is, yes. All the venues involved have their own rules and licences around U18s. The timetable and venue info pages show what ages can attend. 

What’s the best way to know what is happening?

We have an app which has the timetable and event info on it. You can use it to find your way around too. Also, look out for our mini listings zine around the city which is free and has all the events in it. Finally, all participating venues should be displaying lime green VENUE posters and a pair of lime green and black balloons outside their doorway.

Has The Queen’s funeral affected plans in anyway?

No, with the funeral being on the 19th, we expect the event to go ahead as planned. 

Make sure to pop September 17th in your diary!